There are many interpretations of this ancient Hebrew word, which is mostly written as “Shekinah” in Kabbalah texts. These texts say the Shakinah is a nurturing, compassionate, radiant, unconditional giver and that she is everywhere for those who seek her. Its most simple meaning is “divine presence”, or the “divine that dwells within” – especially the feminine aspect of the divine, or, a goddess.

Drawing on this ancient symbolism, my gift to you is the divine nurturing and radiance of Shakinah, Divine Feminie Light Massage to uplift and restore balance to your body, mind, spirit and soul. Each Shakinah experience is as unique and special as you are.

Because Shakinah treatments are about balancing, purifying and aligning your being, we only use sustainable, pure, chemical-free products. From our signature organic Shakinah Skincare range, and therapeutic, aromatherapy-based Shakinah Day Spa massage oils to the handmade herbal compresses we use in our treatments, and the natural beeswax candles and Himalayan salt lamps that light our space, we are committed to using toxin-free products to encourage healing.

Shakinah Day Spa’s tranquil setting is nestled between bushland and river in Woronora, Sydney. The calming, healing energy of nature, coupled with our therapists’ expert touch enhance your wellbeing for a unique spa experience.

Relax in our spacious lounge area on our deck, where you can enjoy a range of herbal teas while taking in the restorative views. You will find our environment a calm oasis of sacred healing and rejuvenation.

You are invited to enter our safe, healing sanctuary, to awaken, nurture and celebrate your own divine femininity.

Your body is your temple – honour it with a Shakinah treatment.