1 Hour $125 | 1 Hour 30 Minutes $175 | 2 Hours $225
25 Minutes Facial Add-On $25

About the treatment

Our treatment is in two stages, and depending on what arises during your consultation, we will recommend a program of one or both stages.

Stage 1: Awaken Your 7 Chakras

During your initial consultation, we identify which of your chakras require rebalancing to restore energy flow. Then, this deeply grounding and restorative massage works on those energy centres using warmed clear quartz crystals of various sizes, and a blend of oils from our 7 Secrets of the Universe Chakra range, specifically designed for this treatment.

We start with a full body massage from top to toe, using flowing, rhythmic strokes at each chakra point to restore energy flow, ease physical tension, balance and enhance your wellbeing. Then, we place healing quartz crystals on your 7 main chakra areas to bring them into alignment.

This restorative massage ritual opens your heart and brings serenity to your mind, body, spirit and soul.

Stage 2: Remembering Who We Are

A truly transformational experience, this treatment brings you back to your true self, restoring feelings of oneness, wholeness and unity.

This powerful ritual extends the chakra balancing from stage 1 to amplify energy flow in the 5 chakras above the crown; aligning, unifying and integrating our etheric, emotional, mental, astral, causal and spiritual bodies to remember who we are at the deepest level of our being.

We start with a full body massage from head to feet, working on the 7 main chakras using clear quartz crystals. Your therapist uses gentle strokes in circular movements to awaken energy flow and trigger the 5 chakras above the crown. Three specific gems and crystals are placed on certain chakras on the physical body to trigger your 5 chakras above the crown for total balance and unity.

The healing benefits of this treatment are enhanced by our customised Secrets of the Universe Chakra massage oils, infused with a blend of rose damascene, frankincense sacra and myrrh commiphora essential oils.

To complete this sacred ritual, we cocoon you with a warm towel to integrate the awakening process, aligning your 12 chakras.

At least one stage 1 treatment needs to be completed before you are ready for stage 2. Your therapist will advise how many of these you need to proceed to stage 2.

Learn about the history and benefits of this treatment.


Bookings for Stage 2 can only be made by phone or directly at the Day Spa.

After your treatment

Following your treatment, choose from our range of herbal teas to enjoy as you unwind on our spacious deck overlooking the Woronora River and immerse yourself in our beautiful natural setting.

Add a Facial for ultimate pampering!

Shakinah facial therapies are a blissful addition to your body treatments for all-over rejuvenation. For an additional $25, complement your massage experience, with a 25 minute Shakinah Facial including cleanse, exfoliation, eye and clay mask.


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